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Norfork General Industries provides metal fabricated products to a wide variety of industrial customers:

  • transportation industry clients – aeronautics, rail, highway
  • oil, chemical, and aluminum companies
  • numerous power plants throughout the nation
  • paper mills
  • office buildings for leading companies, such as Walmart (see Commercial)

NGI is an approved fabricator for B.E.& K., Research-Cottrell, Environmental Elements, Wheelabrator, International Paper Company, Ahlstrom, B&W, Georgia Pacific, and more.

Metal stairs caged ladder on trailer
Galvanized caged ladders


100_0316.JPG 100_0002 (1).jpg
100_0042 (1).jpg 100_0165 (1).jpg


Angle rail, ready for galvanizing Angle rail, ready for galvanizing
100_0151 (1).jpg 100_0148 (1).jpg
packaged metal in trailer trailer with angle rail
stack of angle rail on trailer