Quality Control

NGI's Quality Control/Assurance Program consists of a multi-step procedure in which all employees play a role. General management begins by discussing the methodology of work, schedules, material procurement, critical paths, potential problem areas, and specifications for each project.

We care about quality and craftsmanship. Your reputation is important to us as well as our own. We care about your bottom line and want to be a part of your team. (A summary of the steps of our quality control program follows.)

  • Step 1: Pre-manufacturing discussion
  • Step 2: Detailed drawing checklist
  • Step 3: Cutting list checks and review
  • Step 4: Fit-up inspection
       - Tack welded assembled
       - Work pieces checked against shop drawings for compliance, accuracy, cosmetics, proper fit-up
  • Step 5: Weld inspection (visual)
  • Step 6: Grinding, clean-up inspection
  • Step 7: Final inspection
In Memory of the Founders of Norfork General Industries
Joseph R. Davis
1955 - 2006
Davis Brothers Michael L. Davis
1951 - 2013